About Us

Active Health Group is a team of people dedicated to making your healthy lifestyle an easy path. Coming from different sport lifestyles and backgrounds in yoga, pilates, crossfit, running, fitness and more we compiled a selection of products that will help you get on with your training.

Organizing your workouts, diets, selecting the proper clothing, tracking your results or simply remembering to stay hydrated can be annoying and often pushes you back from even starting a healthy path. We went through it. We know.

In the past year Active Health Group did the research, consulted yoga and fitness instructors and tested many products available on the market today. In order to select the best we took into consideration: quality, effectiveness, functionality and even fashion trends. We are aware that healthy lifestyle can also be pricey so we took our time to select only best buys.

In the end, we strongly believe that our health is partly a result of our environment so we tried our best to find Eco-friendly products, either produced in Eco-friendly environments with low CO2 emissions, or made out of non-toxic and biodegradable materials.
We sincerely hope that we can make it at least a bit easier for you to lead a healthy life.

Enjoy our store!

Active Health Shop Team